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Welcome to Nourishing Little Bellies - Nutritional WholeFood Workshops for you & your little one.

Our classes have been created to help inspire & educate parents to make nutritious whole food recipes for their children to help them grow into the healthiest and best versions of themselves.

How the classes work: 

- I come to your house and set up the class (OR we can set this up online for those who live a little further away)

- Grab some friends to join - we need a minimum of two, and maximum of 8 parents.

- The classes take approx 1.5 hours

- All classes can be tailored to suit different children's ages

Class Description:

Introduction to Whole Foods
- Breakfast
- Lunch
- Dinner
- Snacks

We will cover nutritional requirements for your kids at their particular ages, plus extra superfoods which can be added to really increase the nutritional value of these meals.

- Vitamins and minerals needed at each stage of your child's development
- How to support brain development with the addition of healthy fats
- How to support the developing immune system
- Nutrients to support sleep
- Foods to support a healthy immune system and digestive system
- Overcoming fussiness at meal times
- Bonding with your children through cooking

 Included in the class:

Food demonstration & tasting (Using locally sourced spray free and organic produce)
- Kids smoothie 
- Healthy treats

 For the Kids

- Food sensory play will be set up for your kids so that they can be involved and also learn.
- Organic herbs to smell for a sensory experience
- Organic herb seeds to take home as a gift for the kids to start their food journey



Frequently asked questions:

What area's do you travel to?
Brisbane, Gold coast, Sunshine coast & surrounds.  ONLINE classes are also available for those in other areas

Class Prices:
$65 per adult, group discounts available for classes of four or more. No charge for children

What age do your kids have to be?
The classes are aimed at children from 6 months of age and onwards

Im pregnant OR have a baby under 6 months, can i come?

Where are the classes held?
At this stage, we are travelling to Your home, to do the classes for you.  In the future we hope to have our own studio

Do you require any cooking utensils or specific space for the class?
NO, I bring all that I need with me, I just need a power point for my blender.
The classes are usually run around a table, or set up sitting on the floor.  

How many people can attend a class?
Class groups can range from 2-8, if you are looking for a larger booking than 8, please email me and we can arrange this.

How long does the class take?
Allow 1.5 hours

I think my kid is allergic to nuts (or some other food) can you diagnose this?
NO, it is completely out of my scope of practice to assess or diagnose food allergies.  Food allergies are a life threatening and series Medical condition to be diagnosed by a doctor.  Im happy to chat to you about allergies, but no diagnosis will be made.

Do you use nuts or common allergy foods in your class?
NO, I have decided to follow common QLD childcare and schooling guidelines, and make my classes nut and common allergy foods free.  I do however use nuts in a lot of my recipes, but substitutes will be recommended to those who require them

Since your a naturopath...can you assess or diagnose my kid with (insert condition)
NO, sorry. Naturopathic assessment requires a consultation, and the classes are not the place for that.  Im happy to talk to you after the class about your concerns and make referrals or recommendations but no assessments or diagnosing can be made.



T & C's

- Classes must be paid in full by all attendee's 1 week prior to your class being held.

- The purpose of Nourishing Little Bellies classes are to inspire and assist parents with making healthy food choices for their little one's.  No nutritional or medical diagnosis can or will be made on your children.  

- Food sensitivities and allergies are a series and urgent medical condition.  It is out of my scope of practice to diagnose & treat food reactions and anaphylaxis, and this requires immediate medical attention.  It is all parents responsibilities to inform the Nourishing Little Bellies class teacher if you suspect your child has a sensitivity or allergy Or if your child has any diagnosed food related allergies or conditions.

- There is a no refund policy on our classes, however if the class has to be rescheduled, this can be done so within 3 months of your class booking.