About Nourishing Little Bellies

Welcome to Nourishing Little Bellies (formerly – Nutritional Bliss).

I’m Sarah McCready, my most important title is, Mum & I’ve recently changed that to, mum of two!.  And after that, I am a nurse/naturopath, and creator of this website – Nourishing Little Bellies.

Where my health journey began...
At 22, I graduated University with my shiny degree – Bachelor of Nursing. I was excited, and pumped to go out & save lives.
Quickly I saw first hand that there is a missing link in our health care system, and in the way many of us live there lives….the food we throw into our mouths…is killing us!

I soon started studying natural medicine, and within the next few years, studied my way through a double qualification, and then added, Naturopath + Holistic Nutritionist to my title.

Nourishing Little Bellies is my gift to the world and a great big thank you to the Universe for all of the support, healing and knowledge it has bestowed on me. It is my dream to empower people across the globe to embrace wholehearted wellness and take their health into their hands to live blissfully. 

And with that mantra front of mind, I invite you to meander on over to the blog where I share my lessons, learnings and wisdom on living a blissfully wholehearted + healthy life.

Otherwise, if I’ve piqued your interest and you’d like to Dive right into our juicy recipes, Head right on over here

Oh and I have just released my first children’s cookbook! You can purchase it from my shop right here on this website.