33 ways to get your children engaged in the kitchen

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33 ways to help get your children engaged in cooking.

1.Go grocery shopping together.
Let them pick out a new fruit, vegetable to try with dinner tonight.

2.Look through cookbooks and recipe websites together. Have the kids choose a few recipes they would like to try making.

3.Assign age-appropriate tasks in the kitchen, like measuring ingredients, pressing the button on the food processor or being in charge of the mixing bowl

4.Taste everything together, always lick the bowl.
Talk about the colours, textures and flavours of ingredients. Then talk about how they’re different after being cooked.

5.Start young in the kitchen. I even let my 8 month old have a go at mixing!
Give babies and toddlers wooden spoons and measuring cups to play with, as well as appropriate foods to gum or snack on.

6.Provide the kids with their own special tools. This way anytime they go into the kitchen they have their own special mixing spoon to use or their own set of colourful measuring cups. Maybe even a cute matching set of baking aprons (this idea was in the pipeline for me when launching, Magic out kitchen, until covid-19 popped up and pushed everything back. Stay tuned on that though, cute little linen matching aprons very well might pop up one day)!

7.But if you don’t have matching aprons now, decorate plain aprons as a weekend art project. Then during the week, the kids will be excited to wear their aprons while cooking and taking ownership of meal making. I am pretty sure you can pick up plain aprons for quiet cheap on ebay or at spot light.

8.Start a garden! This is the best!!
Each morning sonny eats a new cucumber out of our garden, and soon he will be in there munching on tomato’s. We have a main veggie patch that’s ours, and Sonny has his own mini dinosaur herb garden.

9.Invest in a little kitchen compost. Make it your kids job to put the veggie scraps into the compost, and then help you bury the compost into the garden

10.For a little more fun, buy a worm farm! Kids love worms

11.Visit your local farmers market or a near by farm. Let the kids see where the food is grown or even meet the farmers.

12.Let the kids pick what is for dinner

13.Have the kid’s pick all the ingredients from the fridge or cupboard

14.Have the kids pass you the utensils, this is great for learning the names of them, and what they are for.

15.If making salad, have them our in the salad dressing and toss the salad (this can be messy)!

16.Have a pizza decorating competition. Indirectly, this is getting them involved and excited about cooking.

17.Have the kids knead and shape the pizza dough

18.Have them wash the fruit and veggies. This is fun and also a sensory activity

19.Kids love spraying water. Have them spray and clean the bench top while you grab or prep any ingredients

20. If making salad, have them tear and leafy greens

21. If cooking with broccoli and cauliflower, have them break the florets

22. Depending on age, practice counting, colours and shapes…this is great for younger children. You can even make it into a fun song.

23. Have the kids mix together cut fruit, to make a fruit salad

24. Cut fruit into squares, and have the kids thread them onto a skewer, and dip them into yogurt

25. Make sushi together and have them kids roll out the sushi on the sushi mat.

26. Weigh and measure ingredients

27. Discuss tastes and textures

28. Crack the eggs

29. Be in charge of mixing the mixing bowl

30. Let your kids take charge once in a while! A few little scoops here and there cant hurt in the name of fun

31. Make a recipe with bicarb soda, and apple cider vinegar in it, and watch it fizz up…its cooking + a science experiment

32. Find an old family recipe, and teach it/hand it down to your little one

33. ALWAYS, laugh, play, giggle, dance and sing

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