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Magic In the Kitchen - Cookbook for kids
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Magic In Our Kitchen – Kid’s Cookbook

WITH THEIR VERY FIRST CHILDREN’S COOKBOOK (Available as an instant download – eBook).

Made with love by Australian Nurse, naturopath/nutritionist and mama, Sarah McCready, Magic in Our Kitchen is a visual culinary adventure bonding families with the nourishing magic found and made in the kitchen. 

Mindfully made for fussy toddlers and curious children alike, this kids cookbook is perfect for fostering positive, healthy relationships in the kitchen from the young age. 

Each recipe will ignite your child’s interest in cooking and cultivate their relationship with healthy food, while showing them that making their own meals can be a fun adventure they’ll cherish and look forward to. 

Beautifully illustrated, each and every page has been hand-crafted with nourishing love and whimsical adventure. 

You and your family will love:

  • Simple, stress-free recipes suitable for toddlers (even your adorable bubba with a short attention span!) and up. 
  • Every recipe is super simple to make with just 8 ingredients or less.
  • All recipes are gluten-free, with dairy-free, plant-based and allergy-friendly options. 
  • A variety of recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea-time, school lunches, treats and special occasions. 
  • Taste-tested by real-life (and really fussy!) children. 
  • Stunningly illustrated pages designed to charm your children and inspire their imaginations.

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Book’s Praise

“I’m in love with this book! Sarah has put an exuberant amount of energy, love and expertise into creating a tool that every family can benefit from. Magic in our Kitchen has delicious, nutritious and easy recipes that I can cook with my boys and they LOVE the food we create. It’s a breath of fresh air having my boys excited to eat the food we cook and I love knowing their body is benefiting from the nutritious recipes. This is an absolute must-have for every family!”

Natalie Johanik
Children’s author, Post Partum Doula & owner of Nestle & Bloom

Magic in our kitchen - Childrens wholefoods cookbook

Kid’s Cookbook Using 8 Ingredients or Less
Children’s Wholefood Recipes

Simple kids cooking using wholefood ingredients

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Sarah’s blissful vibes, along with her strong knowledge & passion for health is what makes Sarah such a fantastic practitioner & teacher

Jane, QLD