Nourishing Little Bellies


Hi! I’m Sarah Nicholls and I’m your resident holistic nutritionist, naturopath and registered nurse.

That’s quite the mouthful, so what you really need to know is that, like you, I’m a mama that cares deeply about giving her child the best possible start in life.

Which is why my philosophy is to nourish our little ones with well-balanced nutrition that supports them in growing up and into the super healthy, super happy kids they deserve to be.

 At Nourishing little Bellies you’ll find simple, real-food recipes crafted with you, the busy mama, in mind. Oh, and did I mention your kids are guaranteed to love them?

I hope your enjoy…Make sure you tag me #nourishinglittlebellies if you remake any of my recipes, I love to see your creations!









Slow Cooked, Fermented Paleo Bread

People always say to me “omg do you miss eating gluten’.  The simple answer is no, I seriously never think about it.  But on the odd occasion, I think about how easy & quick it was to have toast for breakfast, and there has been a few rare times when I walk past a bakery and think that the freshly cooked bread smells pretty delicious. I use to try out the GF breads, but unfortunately…all store bought GF bread generally tastes and feels like plastic, and is jammed packed with preservatives. So after a few trial and error attempts…I finally cracked it yesterday!  The Perfect bread free…Bread!


Sarah’s blissful vibes, along with her strong knowledge & passion for health is what makes Sarah such a fantastic practitioner & teacher

Jane, QLD

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